Friday, November 2, 2012

Another kind of iPod...

       Webb took a shot of the first "pod" getting unloaded last week.  The truck was a little too wide for the gate at the bottom of our driveway but we convinced the nervous driver to inch his way through anyway.  It definitely had to be one of his trickier deliveries.
       So far we've filled that pod to the brim, along with a 2nd one.  Both are sitting on our property for the duration of the remodel.  And, it turns out that we still need a 3rd pod (arriving this morning) for everything in the garage and outside. The construction team said anything can "walk away" from a job site, so it's best to load literally EVERYTHING up in storage..
       So far we have also lived quite comfortably in our rented townhouse just a block away for the past week and a half.  Which makes me wonder: What is all the "stuff" filling these pods that we have not even noticed not having around?  It seems a little ridiculous to have accumulated so many things that apparently we don't even need!