Saturday, August 25, 2012

Oh My Goodness!

       We had a great reaction from Andrew the other day when I mentioned I would get the wedding invitations Andie had just addressed in the mail the next morning.  Andrew exclaimed: "Oh my goodness!" It came out like "Oh, no this is all happening SO FAST!"
       Now I should clarify that Andrew insists his remark was more about the fact that the invites all had 65 cent stamps and he was calculating the cost. 
       But, some soundbites take on a life of their own and "Oh my goodness" will forevermore be code for "Yikes!" as far as Andie, Andrew and I are concerned.  
       Although, in another context, I had a different "Oh my goodness" reaction to the engagement photos of Andie and Andrew they took on Stanford campus Tuesday night.  The pictures are "oh my goodness" code for adorable!  I can't wait to get copies of the Nelson's (Paige & Korey) and the soon-to-be-Rich's to hang in the house.
       We now have so many darling pictures of both couples that the hard part will be choosing our favorites!  

Friday, August 24, 2012

Couples Therapy...

       Yesterday I mentioned my fascination with the Olympics but the London games were a challenge this year because my viewing time was hampered by so many things going on.  Namely, my desire to watch TV all evening/every evening was bested by my need to keep up with school readings and wedding plans.  Tuning-in to the 2012 Games while simultaneously working on projects might work for some but I've never excelled with multi-tasking.  So I didn't get to see nearly as much of the Summer Olympic Games this year as usual.  Oh, well.  
       One interesting Olympic story that was apropos for me was about Kerri Walsh and Misty May-Treanor (the 3 time Beach Volleyball Gold Medal Winners).  I'm taking a Psychology of Marriage Counseling class summer term and the professor has noted that the course title is outdated.  Dr. Bohart refers to the class as Couples Therapy.  In other words, relationships of two aren't always found just in marriage.  
       In fact, this amazing team usually dubbed "the greatest beach volleyball players of all time" sought some "marriage counseling" of sorts to work on the relationship dynamics of their team.  
       While Walsh and May-Treanor were training for London the duo wasn't playing as well as usual and the counseling sessions helped the "couple" reconnect on the court.  One thing that came up in their therapy was this desire not to let each other down (which sometimes manifest in timid play that they needed to let go of).  
       Attending relationship counseling improved Kerri and Misty's communication skills as well as their game!  So, it turns out that romantic couples aren't the only ones who can benefit from couples counseling! 

Thursday, August 23, 2012

My Wedding Toast...

       No, I didn't toast Korey & Paige at the wedding dinner but public speaking is not my favorite thing anyway.  Mothers of the brides get to attend to details and leave the speeches to the Dads.  
       But, if I had commented I would have recognized all the people who helped Korey and Paige arrive at this point in their lives (most of them were right there with us!).   
       See, I'm always fixated on the Olympics but as thrilling as the events are, the most fascinating coverage for me is learning the stories behind the athletes.  Each champion has a story that usually encompasses family and friends that have been devoted to their success and provided the inspiration that has propelled the Olympians into greatness.
       Paige & Korey's wedding was an event not unlike one from the Olympics.  Without a host of wonderful influences, they might not have chosen to be sealed in the Oakland Temple.  As a parent, I'm thankful for people who have an impact on the lives of my kids.    
       So, Weddings and Olympics share some commonalities; both the athletes and the bride & groom are indebted to many.  My wedding toast would simply acknowledge those numerous stories behind the occasion and how grateful I am for the people behind the stories! 

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

No Blog Left Behind...

       The problem with not blogging for 3 weeks is that I missed journaling lots of wedding details. And it wasn't just the busy schedule of wedding planning that kept me from posting.  Webb and Ernie left LA and moved back home amidst all the commotion of (first Paige's and now Andie's) wedding planning.  Webb is seeking a better job opportunity in the Bay Area so it will be nice to have him back in NorCal (even if it means I have to get used to a dog in the yard again :)
       Besides getting all of Webb's stuff back and sorted, we had added excitement on Paige's wedding week with a pregnant house guest that went into early labor.  I'll add more on that in another blog, but you can correctly surmise that things are not dull on the home front!
       So, I'll probably back-track in the upcoming days to capture some of the memories of the Knudsen/Nelson Wedding on August 18th.  Then, perhaps I'll be caught up again by the time we get to the Knudsen/Rich Wedding on September 1st.  Needless to say, from Memorial Day on, it's been an interesting (in a good way) summer!  

Thursday, August 2, 2012


       I've been using the MOTB (Mother of the Bride) acronym for email exchanges and it occurred to me that I am not your average MOTB because I can use the acronym to stand for Mother Of Two Brides!
       When people realize I have, not just one, but 2 weddings, I get the expected "whoa, you must be busy" commentary.  And, I suppose we are in the throes of weddings-on-the-brain but these are the kind of life events we live for.  
       So, Brent and I are delighted to be gaining 2 sharp son-in-laws!  They're a welcome addition to the family and we feel blessed!
       Now, as the double MOTB, I can't shirk my self-appointed role of giving good marital advice to my girls.  Ongoing, unsolicited and completely free!  Aren't they so lucky?  So, today I'll direct them to a short but clever ditty by American poet Ogden Nash:
       "To keep your marriage brimming, with love in the wedding cup, whenever you're wrong, admit it; whenever you're right, shut up."