Friday, August 24, 2012

Couples Therapy...

       Yesterday I mentioned my fascination with the Olympics but the London games were a challenge this year because my viewing time was hampered by so many things going on.  Namely, my desire to watch TV all evening/every evening was bested by my need to keep up with school readings and wedding plans.  Tuning-in to the 2012 Games while simultaneously working on projects might work for some but I've never excelled with multi-tasking.  So I didn't get to see nearly as much of the Summer Olympic Games this year as usual.  Oh, well.  
       One interesting Olympic story that was apropos for me was about Kerri Walsh and Misty May-Treanor (the 3 time Beach Volleyball Gold Medal Winners).  I'm taking a Psychology of Marriage Counseling class summer term and the professor has noted that the course title is outdated.  Dr. Bohart refers to the class as Couples Therapy.  In other words, relationships of two aren't always found just in marriage.  
       In fact, this amazing team usually dubbed "the greatest beach volleyball players of all time" sought some "marriage counseling" of sorts to work on the relationship dynamics of their team.  
       While Walsh and May-Treanor were training for London the duo wasn't playing as well as usual and the counseling sessions helped the "couple" reconnect on the court.  One thing that came up in their therapy was this desire not to let each other down (which sometimes manifest in timid play that they needed to let go of).  
       Attending relationship counseling improved Kerri and Misty's communication skills as well as their game!  So, it turns out that romantic couples aren't the only ones who can benefit from couples counseling!