Thursday, August 23, 2012

My Wedding Toast...

       No, I didn't toast Korey & Paige at the wedding dinner but public speaking is not my favorite thing anyway.  Mothers of the brides get to attend to details and leave the speeches to the Dads.  
       But, if I had commented I would have recognized all the people who helped Korey and Paige arrive at this point in their lives (most of them were right there with us!).   
       See, I'm always fixated on the Olympics but as thrilling as the events are, the most fascinating coverage for me is learning the stories behind the athletes.  Each champion has a story that usually encompasses family and friends that have been devoted to their success and provided the inspiration that has propelled the Olympians into greatness.
       Paige & Korey's wedding was an event not unlike one from the Olympics.  Without a host of wonderful influences, they might not have chosen to be sealed in the Oakland Temple.  As a parent, I'm thankful for people who have an impact on the lives of my kids.    
       So, Weddings and Olympics share some commonalities; both the athletes and the bride & groom are indebted to many.  My wedding toast would simply acknowledge those numerous stories behind the occasion and how grateful I am for the people behind the stories!