Wednesday, August 22, 2012

No Blog Left Behind...

       The problem with not blogging for 3 weeks is that I missed journaling lots of wedding details. And it wasn't just the busy schedule of wedding planning that kept me from posting.  Webb and Ernie left LA and moved back home amidst all the commotion of (first Paige's and now Andie's) wedding planning.  Webb is seeking a better job opportunity in the Bay Area so it will be nice to have him back in NorCal (even if it means I have to get used to a dog in the yard again :)
       Besides getting all of Webb's stuff back and sorted, we had added excitement on Paige's wedding week with a pregnant house guest that went into early labor.  I'll add more on that in another blog, but you can correctly surmise that things are not dull on the home front!
       So, I'll probably back-track in the upcoming days to capture some of the memories of the Knudsen/Nelson Wedding on August 18th.  Then, perhaps I'll be caught up again by the time we get to the Knudsen/Rich Wedding on September 1st.  Needless to say, from Memorial Day on, it's been an interesting (in a good way) summer!