Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Paige Who?

       When I attended the South Coast Ward in Costa Mesa recently, the bishopric read in new records.  It took me a moment to compute when I heard "Paige Nelson" and my daughter stood up.  Paige who?  
       It might take hearing her married name a few more times until it sinks in that the new Mrs. Korey Nelson is our little Poogey!  Or, as Andie might say: "How is this possible?"  
       And, today is Paige Nelson's 24th birthday and even though it was a summer filled with celebrating (due to her wedding), I hope she'll still get a chance to enjoy September 19th and remember how special the Nelson birthday girl is to the Knudsen family!  
       Birthdays always take me back to births, and just like Paige, her actual birth was simple and uncomplicated.  One of the things I love about Paige's personality is how she she doesn't look for or seek out drama in her life.  I find this refreshing in anyone but especially for someone her age.  
       Paige's arrival was smooth sailing but it does make a good story.  By my 3rd labor I'd realized the time from contractions to delivery was quick (lucky me!) so when I called Brent's office and learned during lunch he was heading for a swim in La Jolla cove I knew waiting for his return might get dicey.  
       So, I headed off to Sharp Hospital on my own (pulling over during contractions).  When Brent met me at the hospital, post swim workout there was just a few pushes left and out came Paige!  And her life has unfolded much like that delivery - pleasant, persistent, pragmatic and purposeful.  There are so many great "P" adjectives I could use to describe the birthday girl.  We think she is close to perfection but don't want her to feel pressure so let's just wrap up this post by saying she's priceless!  
       Happy Birthday Paige Elizabeth Knudsen Nelson!