Monday, July 23, 2012

Actually I Was Bored...

       Aiden was ordained a Deacon yesterday which also signals the end of Primary.  When Bishop Walton asked Aiden to recite a favorite Article of Faith he chose #13 and totally nailed it.  It was awesome!  ...Well, at least I thought so.
       When I gave Emily a ride home from church I asked her if she was impressed with Aiden’s poised and clear recitation of the 13th Article of Faith and in Emily’s very matter-of-fact way she simply said:  “No, actually I was bored.”  This wasn’t the direction I was hoping our conversation would take so I rephrased the question and asked if it made her feel good inside to which Emily succinctly replied:  “Well, I was bored and felt good at the same time.”  
       Jennifer did confirm that feeling bored has been Emily’s utilitarian word this summer.  So Aiden shouldn’t feel slighted, he looked dapper in his white shirt and tie and oozed the confidence of an Aaronic Priesthood holder.  
       It's fortunate that despite Emily's state of boredom she can still muster up the energy to feel good at the same time.  Clearly this is a girl of many talents and I’ll look forward to her Primary graduation in about 7 more years!