Monday, July 30, 2012

Matching White Dresses...

       Paige has been doing baptisms in various temples over the years but she thought the San Diego Temple was the apropos site for receiving her own endowments, as the area of her birth and early childhood years.  On Saturday we got to join Paige along with Korey and his parents and Andrew and Andie for that milestone.  
       I have several memories of the day, just little things like the contrast of the temple to some of the chaos right after in relocating our group (including Korey’s lost grandparents) for a nice lunch (but a bit overshadowed by the rowdy beach crowd).  
       But one main temple take-away that my mind circles back to, over and over, was an interesting coincidence among the three young women who were each attending their first session.  
       Paige and I (as her escort) sat in a orientation with the two other girls who were all planning to get married within the month (one in the Draper Temple, one in the Mesa Temple and Paige in the Oakland Temple).  But, despite their unique situations they shared something in common we (the mother escorts) all immediately noted:  Each of them had purchased the very same empire waisted white temple dress.  When they were all sitting together it was hard not to notice. 
       Their identical temple dresses felt symbolic.  The white we all wear in the temple represents purity; how Christ remained unspotted from the world and we’ve been asked to try to emulate his example.  I was struck by the fact that each of these girls was unique, yet at the same time, each alike in their devotion and desire to remain pure.  
       For a mother, it’s hard not to be touched by their desire so that was something all three mothers shared in common.  The moms didn’t have matching dresses, but we all shared a feeling of great pride for daughters who have managed to stay unspotted from the world!