Thursday, July 12, 2012

Glow in the Dark Volleyball...

       It’s fun to have a church calling in Young Women’s again although this go-round I have no daughters in the program.  Mutual is mostly held at the stake level now due to smaller numbers of youth.  
       Last night the girls played Glow in the Dark Volleyball, a clever activity put on by the Moorpark YW leaders.  The gym was dark with black lights and the girls wore white t-shirts with neon necklaces.  Neon Volleyball was such a hit the girls didn’t want to stop playing, even for refreshments.  
       It was hard to tell whether their volleyball skills were marginal or whether playing in the dark makes the game more difficult.  I suspect it was a combination of both.  Still, it was a big success and I’m getting back in the groove of youth activities now on Wednesday nights.  Fun times!