Friday, July 27, 2012

Lessons While Riding Public Transit..

       Yesterday I had to pick up my car after a 3 day service so I took the bus to the light rail to the closest stop near the mechanic.  Since I don’t ride public transportation that often, I was surprised when a couple asked for help buying their passes.  It surprised me mostly because I usually have a clueless look on my face (not exactly an I-know-what-I’m-doing look).
       Well, despite my VTA transit ignorance I had a big advantage, because they were French-speaking Canadians visiting from Toronto.  When we figured out the best route for their adventure and were purchasing their tickets they had $3 instead of the $4 needed so I was happy to insist they use one of my ones rather than break a $20 in a machine that gives change only in coinage (personally I can’t stand silver dollars that I mistake for quarters). 
       Anyway, as we visited while riding along this couple started fishing for change in their pockets to pay me back.  While their gesture was thoughtful, I insisted they shouldn’t worry.  And I meant it.  In fact, right then, riding the VTA light rail I had a small epiphany.  
       Basically, it was this: It made me feel really good to help this cute couple and if they paid me back it would diminish my service and I wanted that nice feeling to linger on.  And, so often, the situation is reversed.  Someone does something nice for me and instead of just being appreciative, I try to pay them back in some form.  
       So, it was just a great reminder that we need to graciously accept when others do kind things and let them have the satisfaction that comes from giving and serving.  Don’t deny them that pleasure.  
       Who knew you could learn so much on public transportation?  Maybe I should ride the light rail more often!