Saturday, July 28, 2012

“C” is for Cookie...

       When my homemade cookies turn out well, it’s pretty much a fluke.  In fact, I made a delicious batch of carob chip cookies (circa 1982ish) that I’ve been trying to replicate for the past 30 years.  To no avail, much to Brent’s chagrin.  So, the fine art of baking is not something I have much talent for.  
       Luckily, I can probably quit attempting to bake wonderful cookies because Andrew Rich happens to bake cookies that rival Icing on the Cake!  Andrew’s cookies are so good that Maria even dreams about them!  Of course, Maria is pregnant and that can throw people into all sorts of cravings and weird dreams.  But still.  No one has ever mentioned dreaming about anything I’ve served.    
       Andrew claims he is a newcomer to his baking hobby, which I think just shows his natural talent.  The cookies on the platter at left were devoured at Paige’s bridal shower.  
       My dad always says every that every family needs at least one doctor, dentist, lawyer, whatever and how fortunate that we should shortly be getting one amazing baker in the family!