Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Our Boston-Baby Birthday Boy!

       Today Webb is exactly the same age as Brent was when Webb was born!  Those shared-year birthdays with kids always feel sort of nostalgic.  Obviously I’ve already celebrated that milestone with Andie and Webb’s birthdays but I’ve got one left with Paige who was born when I was 29 years old.  
       We have so many happy memories of Webb as our Boston baby boy.  He was as good-natured as it gets, plus he dealt fairly well with having 2 Moms from the get-go: a biological Mom (me) and an overly-earnest and uber-enthusiastic Mom (Andie as a 2 year-old).  
       It’s hard to see in the photo but baby Webb is actually sporting a Lacoste romper; you can vaguely make out the alligator on his chest.  So I suppose he was a designer dresser even in the mid-eighties.
       Another fun factoid about Webb’s years in Boston was the fact that Matt Romney (2nd son of our presidential candidate) was about thirteen when Webb was born and when we would arrive at church Matt would ask if he could hold Webb (not once but pretty much weekly).  Since it’s usually teenage girls clamoring to hold the new babies, it was particularly cute to have Matt requesting to tote Webb around at church.
       Birthday Greetings to our Boston-born boy!  We love you lots!