Thursday, March 24, 2011

But Here's the Rub....

This is not a photo of my pantry. It's from the OXO website and I'm now the happy buyer yet perplexed owner of a slew of these state-of-the-art containers.

Okay, I was touting bins yesterday and today I’m onto a container discussion. Do you see a theme here? It must be spring (as in spring cleaning).

Now the reason I'm not 100% satisfied with my container purchases is that my cupboards, no matter how I sort and organize never look like this picture. Which drives me a little crazy!

First, it's nearly impossible to ascertain the perfect size for various items. I pour in the pretzels and they don’t entirely fit! So what do I do with the leftover pretzels? Doesn’t it kind of defeat the point of the lovely containers if I leave the spillover in the original pretzel bag?

Plus, when everything is filled to the brim it looks aesthetically pleasing but when the cereal, crackers, whatever, falls below halfway the look isn’t quite so dapper.

So, I’m partially content. With everything in either a container or sorted with like items in matching bins it’s a big improvement. But I’m still trying to determine what to do with extra contents lest I sabotage my organization efforts with loose packages gone wild.

And, I’m also trying to figure out how to refrain from getting anal about diminishing amounts lest I go bonkers whenever people eat. After all, having the food for consumption is the main purpose, right. Sometimes I get confused and think it’s just for decoration. Oh, wait, that would be the intention of the OXO picture, whereas my containers are meant for real usage.

So, it turns out that trying to replicate the OXO website photo is just as absurd as people who continually try to keep up with the Joneses. Futile.