Friday, March 25, 2011

A Deluge of Rain...

“If I were running the world I would have it rain only between 2 and 5 am. Anyone who was out then ought to get wet.” - William Lyon Phelps

Sometimes meteorologists have to get creative. Day after day of "rain in the forecast" starts to feel beyond redundant so they stretch the phraseology every way imaginable just to mix things up a bit:

- A plethora of showers
- Forecast: more rain and more rain
- Another drenching storm on the way
- A wet weather pattern
- Bay Area soaked to the skin
- Heavy precipitation
- Intensity of widespread rain
- Silicon Valley showers remain undaunted

The rain has definitely overstayed it’s welcome. The first day of spring (March 20) officially came and went. Alas, no sign of spring. I’m so annoyed by this wet weather that I’m actually wondering if I suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). More likely I’m just sad (lower case) that so many trail runs in the past two weeks have been aborted or run through mud in a downpour.

I still remember our naive weather assumptions when our California friends learned we’d be moving from La Jolla to Seattle and asked how we liked the rain. Brent and I would both insist that rain didn’t really bother us. No, we were quite impervious to silly distractions like the weather. That is, until we left gorgeous-most-of-the-year La Jolla and learned first hand about wet, gray and dreary.

So we hightailed out of the Pacific Northwest for the first California opportunity but with the torrential showers of late I’m afraid the Bay Area is just as waterlogged as Seattle. If I’m stuck living in a rainy climate I should consider joining Paige in London. Perhaps British rain is more tolerable!

“Gosh, it’s raining cats and dogs," said Fred looking out of the kitchen window. “I know,” said his mother coming inside. “I’ve just stepped in a poodle!”