Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Library Lust...

"I do things like get in a taxi and say, "The library, and step on it." -David Foster Wallace

I love that quote! Since my local library is merely blocks away I don't need taxi service but I can totally relate to the excitement of getting to the library asap!

Truth be told, one big perk that weighed heavily in purchasing the home we live in was it's close proximity to the town library. Okay, I liked the 7-11 too, back when I was a Big Gulp frequent buyer. Now I never go to 7-11 anymore but I’m still a library frequent loaner.

While the Los Gatos Library is a small and imperfect library, it is still a library. And, a big renovation is currently in the works. Renovation is probably an understatement, the town is building a brand new 12 million dollar, 30,000 square foot library, due to open in February 2012. As a town member and library patron I’m delighted!

Happily, the old library will stay open during the construction. Sadly, the only bookstore in Los Gatos, Borders, is closing imminently due to the company’s bankruptcy restructure plan. Which makes me feel guilty about books I purchased on Amazon or the outskirts of town at Barnes & Noble. I know I need to support the local haunts if I want them to thrive.

Of course, supporting libraries is a charge I take very seriously! Have library card, will travel!

“If you had a choice between spending a summer in Nepal and spending a summer in the library, go to the library.” -Annie Dillard