Monday, March 28, 2011

Enlightened at Lent...

One of Brent’s employees gave up drinking alcohol for Lent this year. Since Brian is well aware that Brent is a teetotaler they’ve had a few discussions about Brian’s Lenten sacrifice.

It turns out that Brian has made a startling discovery. Without drinking he’s lost weight, had way more time at his disposal, zero headaches, and no day-after-party recovery (I guess that’s called a hangover).

According to Brent, Brian has seemed happier, more enthused about work, more engaged generally. Brian is quite delighted. Maybe all this increased productivity and sense of well being will entice Brian to stay sober 24/7 even after the Lent season concludes. Knowing Brent I’m sure he’s already proposed this clever idea to Brian.

I know there is social drinking and problem drinking and a difference between the two. But, quite honestly, many drinkers I knew growing up nearly invariably became problem drinkers, sadly even alcoholics. The devastating effects of their drinking gave me zero desire to venture down that path. Their lives looked miserable and any thrill of partying quickly lost it’s luster.

Someone shared a testimony recently in church and threw out the question: “I just don’t know where I would be without the church” and then surmised that they’d probably be out drinking and partying. Their comment surprised me a little because although I’m very grateful for the church I don’t refrain from drinking only because of The Word of Wisdom.

I stay alcohol free in an effort to keep the commandments but also because I’m not interested in: a) putting myself in vulnerable situations, or b) losing control over my behavior, or c) making a fool out of myself. I seem to make a fool of myself with no intoxication necessary, thank you very much!

I never felt like I needed alcohol to be more interesting, more engaging, more fun, or more chill. I don’t claim to be interesting or engaging (guess ignorance is bliss) but I do have fun and I’m afraid I’ll never be chill (with or without alcohol).

But, back to Brian’s sacrifice: I think it’s cool that his transition has felt fruitful and positive to Brian in numerous ways. Maybe he actually will continue his abstinence post Lent.

Photo: Team Captain Brian giving a victory speech at the PCG Olympics with his boss doing a little stretching in the background!