Thursday, March 31, 2011

Bella Hits the Road (again)...

Bella is off on another adventure! But this time without Paige behind the wheel. It’s a road trip for the fun-seeking parents.

The old photo (you can tell it’s old because Paige looks about 12 but she must be 16 since she’s driving) was the only one I could find of Bella and I’m the lazy blogger who finds time to grouse (ad nauseam at times) but no camera time. Hence, blog pictures that aren’t ancient are usually just borrowed to illustrate my diatribes.

So, Brent and I leave later today following a luncheon with Mitt Romney (here we go again?! :)) We’re driving Bella up for Paige since the schedule is too tight post London (turnaround flights to Boston and then BYU graduation). In other words, it’s quite magnanimous of us but we do have ulterior motives.

For example, with skiing still prime in Utah (yes, even in April) and General Conference, it’s as good a weekend as any to road trip to Park City. Although the weather may be colder than I prefer.

I’m a fan of spring skiing with enough sun to ski sans parka. Yes, I like the conditions when the teenage boys sometimes schuss down the hills shirtless. Although their attire (or lack thereof) isn’t the reason for my spring weather preference. It’s strictly a warmth issue for this transplanted to California dweller. So I’m praying for sunshine while Brent is hoping for snow (somewhat incongruous desires but we’ll see what happens).