Saturday, March 26, 2011

...then comes the baby in the baby carriage...

Newsflash: Caitlin and Andrew have exciting news! A baby is on the way!

It’s hard to believe that their wedding was almost three years ago; it doesn’t seem that long ago when they visited us still operating under the “just friends” guise.

Andie figured that ruse out, maybe even before Andrew and Caitlin. I remember coming home to Andie’s clairvoyant speculation that, based on her scrupulous observation, there was more than a friendship in the McNally-Olsen alliance. Yes, Andie does have special powers like that!

So what started as best buddies moved to a bonafide couple to a happy marriage and now on to entirely new terrain: parenting!

Andrew was a hilarious little boy so I hope the baby will inherit some of his fun personality. Who would have thought that the little boy who refused to ride Dumbo at Disneyland (too scary) would grow up to fly US Air Force planes.

With all of the McNally siblings currently living in the Bay Area, it shouldn’t be hard to get Andrew and Caitlin to consent to frequent visits. I’ll keep the Baby Jogger ready!