Sunday, September 25, 2011

Chill Before Use!

Our home phone was missing and I'd been passively looking for it all day. Then I remembered a funny story about Michelle Walton finding her phone in her dryer when she unloaded a batch of clothes!

But our phone was not in the dryer, not in the washer, or anywhere in the laundry room. The laundry room was one of my first stops on my telephone scavenger hunt (due to Michelle's story and all).

Well, if you've ever wondered if your phone can take the heat or (in my case) the cold, it appears that house phones might be temperature resistant! At least to refrigeration! Because where I located our missing phone was in the kitchen fridge! And it's no worse for the wear!

Just how does a phone get into the fridge? A simple question. And the answer is simply that I get caught up doing too many things at once! Multitasking at it's worst!

I personally operate better on a singular focus model of efficiency! Actually my kids already know this about me since I can hardly answer a rudimentary question if I'm checking email!

When I attempt to multitask I end up distracted and do inane things like set telephones in the fridge or maybe the milk in the pantry! In fact, before the saga of the lost phone my sunglasses were missing and Brent found them in a casserole pan in the cupboard (but that’s another blog post!).