Saturday, September 10, 2011

The US Open..

I’ve only been to Wimbledon in the off season so yesterday at the US Open was my debut into the world of Grand Slam tennis.

We watched two of the men’s quarterfinals matches. First, in blazing heat we watched Andy Murray (#4) beat John Isner (#26) in a match that lasted neared 4 hours. Then, Rafael Nadal (#2) easily beat Andy Roddick (#21) in just over an hour and a half.

This means the semifinals will showcase the world ranked players #1, #2, #3, and #4 since Nadal (#2) and Murray (#4) meet up against each other tomorrow as well as Federer (#3) and Djokovic (#1). Both of these matches should be some amazing tennis to watch!

The US Open is clearly the happening scene in New York in September. Near our seats, albeit in the sky boxes, Michelle Obama was sitting with her daughters and legendary tennis icon Billie Jean King. Wayne Gretzky and his wife were across the court from us. Yes, it seems like everybody who is anybody is at the US Open! :)

I watched the women’s wheelchair doubles and it’s pretty incredible. The same rules apply as regular tennis only the ball can bounce twice. These handicapped women are really impressive!

We may get to return tomorrow night for the women’s semifinals. Everything is backed up because of the rainy week so tickets are all confused. Also, the finals scheduled for Sunday will probably be extended until Monday or Tuesday (but we don’t have tickets for the finals anyway). We did other fun things in the city but the US Open was definitely the highlight of our day!