Friday, September 9, 2011

In New York.....Anything Goes!

Flying coach on Virgin America isn’t bad at all. My nonstop (SFO to JFK) flight yesterday was pretty relaxing. Between this flight and my last Virgin America flight to Boston, it just might be my new favorite airline.

During my flight I reminisced on our first girl’s (apply title liberally since we are now old!)adventure. Logistically the trip was much harder to pull off nineteen years ago! My kids were young (preschool and grade schoolers) so we recruited Brent’s parents to visit Seattle and schlep their three grandkids to school and activities while I went galavanting off on vacation.

How funny that now, instead of recruiting help for Paige, Webb, or Andie, I’ve enlisted Paige to hold down the home fort in my absence. Last week when we left town for Mexico, Paige proved adept at meeting up with the runners, keeping things clean, the cupboards filled, watering the plants, etc. So, initially it was due to Paige (and my other kiddos too but she was the youngest) that I barely pulled off going at all and now it’s due to Paige that I can leave and things stay on course at home.

Our New York hotel isn’t very compelling but who spends any time in their hotel in New York City anyway. Just finding a place to accommodate 5 people in one room is difficult anywhere but nearly impossible in Manhattan. So we have a 2 bedroom suite (think quantity over quality this time).

Last night we saw “Anything Goes,” a Broadway revival of the 1934 Cole Porter musical. Sutton Foster and Joel Grey were the leads and the choreography was amazing. We all loved the show! And today we are off to the US Open...