Sunday, September 4, 2011

Gidget Goes to Rancho...

“There are a thousand ways to kneel and kiss the earth.” -Rumi

We spent 4 days in Rancho La Puerta but when we met Gidget she’d been at the ranch for 4 weeks! It’s an awesome place, nothing like I’d ever experienced before, but as cool as the fitness spa is, I don’t think I could stay for a month like Gidget.

The resort has won the top destination spa several years in a row. Multiple classes start on the hour every hour for the entire day. Between Brent and I (some together, some separate) we took classes in Pilates, the Bar Method, Yoga, Meditation, Foam Rollers, Circuit Training, Spinning, Cardio Workouts, Organic Gardens, Writing, Sleeping, Fasting, Walking the Labyrinth, Reflexology, Feldenkrais, Cycling, Poetry Readings, Stretching, and Group Hikes.

Spa treatments of all kinds are available anytime. We both had one massage but Gidget had a full spa regimen daily; she was quite a character!

The food is incredible; vegetarian and everything is organically grown. Healthy eating but still delicious! Although Gidget had to take a cab to Tecate for a cheeseburger one night.

Rancho felt like a summer camp for grown-ups, albeit a fancy schmancy camp to be sure. And despite all the non-stop activity, we still had a pretty relaxing time. Everyone on the staff is helpful and the guests were all friendly. There’s just a great vibe generally throughout the whole ranch.

We got a big kick out of Gidget who basically abandoned her family for a month to recharge her spirit. Her husband, who happens to be one of the owners of the Texas Rangers Baseball team, had to fly over to reclaim Gidget, who finally seemed willing to face life and the world again and they headed back to Dallas.

It seems like women are more typical spa goers, we heard the male to female ratio is often about 10 to 1! Yes, Brent was quite outnumbered!

The only celebrity we saw was Mariel Hemingway (actress and granddaughter of writer Ernest Hemingway). Actually there could have been others since we often don’t recognize movie stars.

Overall, Rancho La Puerta was a great adventure! We might have to return with the whole family sometime!