Friday, September 30, 2011

Running with heart...

In Alex Olsen’s weekly email from the MTC he shared a quote from one of his leaders who was a track coach. When this man was coaching his own daughter he told her: “We run first with our hearts, then our minds, then our feet.”

For Alex the running metaphor touched him as a missionary, reminding him to be confident in the work, encouraging him not to hold anything back (give it all his heart!).

For me the message resonated in my own running. When a run starts in the heart it’s much easier for the mind and feet to follow. If I’m running first with my feet, getting my mind and heart on board can often be a challenge.

So, for me personally, the quote rings true. Especially like Alex mentioned too, if I want to thrive at anything (missionary work, running, whatever), it’s best to give it my heart and soul. Simple but true!