Sunday, October 7, 2012

A Laid-Back Weekend...

       Laid Back (the noun) is the name of a Danish pop group (see album cover at left).  Laid-back (the adjective) is not a word anyone would use to describe my husband.  Probably not even me, although comparatively I am definitely more laid-back than Brent will ever be.
       But General Conference weekend is a treat because we both get to enjoy a more relaxed (think laid-back) weekend than usual.  Yesterday after listening to the morning and afternoon sessions almost back-to-back I wondered how I could possibly feel tired after staring at the TV for 4 hours?  I seriously considered taking a nap although that seemed a little wimpy.  I guess being a couch potato is more taxing that I thought!
       But Saturday conference was great and I'm looking forward to another laid-back day of watching the second half today.  There is something nice about getting to stay home from church twice a year.  It's 8 hours to take in all 4 sessions (I guess nearly 10 for men who attend Priesthood) so it's not exactly a week off.  But it's a break from the typical dress-up Sunday church.  
       Elder Perry, who recently turned 90 years old, gave us ideas to develop strong family cultures.  Then, Elder Ballard referred to Elder Perry as the youngest 90 year-old in the church and I think he nailed it.  L. Tom Perry is spry, energetic and looks better (or should I say more laid-back :) than a lot of folks in their 70's.