Friday, October 12, 2012

"THIS" is why I'm already behind...

       I'm nearing the halfway point in my masters program but not quite the halfway point of fall quarter.  And, somehow I am already behind!  Whoops!  I've got 2 midterms coming up and virtually no prep time.  
       The home front has been a busy place.  We provided some temporary housing to Paige and Korey's friends, Matt and Courtney while they are transitioning from SoCal to NorCal.  That sentence makes them sound like a married couple which is only half true.  At this point they're a couple and since they respectively caught Korey's garter toss and Paige's bridal bouquet throw, a wedding could be pending (not that I'm announcing anything - what do I know?)
       Now we are in the throws of the annual Nike Womens Marathon weekend with local friends as well as friends flying in from DC and Utah (and Paige from down south too).  Somehow (probably because I'm the oldest or maybe the bossiest) I'm sort of the ringleader for this annual event which adds a few organization logistics (mostly arranging hotels and carpools).  
       On top of the Nike event, Brent added a PCG party on Friday night so Carly and I are scrambling to pull that off. Thank goodness for PCG executive assistants like Stacy and Carly, I wish I had assistants at my disposal 24/7 and not just for company parties.    
       Now, in the best news of all, Graham Walton arrived Wednesday at pretty much 10:10 am on 10/10!  I don't know if Jeremy and Maria have any clue how many people were fasting, praying and texting back and forth all morning, worried and anxious for any information.  Jeremy described Graham as "fiesty like his Mom" which he's going to need.  The sweet baby has a long road ahead but he's pulled through a few hurdles already!  Man, we love this darling family! 
       Well, all of this rambling is to explain why I'm getting behind on schoolwork.  I keep thinking I'll zero in on assignments "right after this."  Or "this."  So, "this" has become a swiftly moving target around here.