Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Good Instincts...

       "Instinct is the nose of the mind."  -Madame de Girardin

       In a job interview last week Webb was asked to describe something he's good at and something he could improve in.  And then, in one of my classes this week we all had to share something we felt like we're good at.  
       In Webb's situation it's tricky to illuminate a negative that won't be a deal killer for the position you've applied for.  In my situation it felt tricky to illuminate a positive lest I sound braggadocios among peers (well in my case not age-peers but cohorts nonetheless).  In other words, I'd much prefer sharing flaws and weaknesses with my classmates but it felt excruciating to highlight a talent.  
       So, what did I share?  Well, there may not be a consensus from family members on my proposed quality but I shared that I have good instincts.  And, while I don't always follow them, and while it may sound prideful, I do think my instincts are pretty reliable and pretty good!  And that's probably enough conceit for the day. :)