Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Claims to Fame....

"I've always been famous.  Its just no one knew it yet."  -Lady Gaga 

       I know, I know - it's another Nike Marathon picture!  See, there is a reason my blog has "ad nauseam" in the title!  These running photos are terrible of me but it's hard to look stellar surrounded by 3 young/fit/gorgeous/speedy runners.
     This is my "claims to fame" photo because I'm flanked by VIPs!  The Hungry Runner Girl (far right) is famous with blog readers who religiously follow her daily chronicles of running and eating.  Not necessarily in that order.  And when you run as fast as hungryrunnergirl you can eat whatever you want.  We think the best part of her blog is her optimistic attitude about everything.  She is no different in person, she oozes positivity.
       Paige's fame is also situational.  She's getting to be hot stuff in the Nike Womens race crowd running in the midst of our heroes like Kara Goucher,  Shannon Flanagan, and Joan Benoit Samuelson.  Paige can hobnob with the big guns and then I can hobnob with Paige (and vicariously experience the thrill :)
       Then there is Mallory (far left) who is loved by everyone who knew her when she lived in the Bay Area!  It was so fun to have her return from Virginia and we should have held her hostage for a few extra days.  When Mallory registered for the race back in April, none of us knew about Graham Walton's heart condition.  So, the timing (for both Maria to see Mallory and vice versa) felt like a tender mercy.