Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Leaders You Can Trust...

       After General Conference I'll often blog about some favorite quotes or speeches that I found particularly touching.  As the weekend concluded my overall reaction from all four conference sessions was mostly just a sense of trust.  A feeling that these speakers are good men and women, leaders in whom we can put our trust.
       I can now look back and recall LDS General Conference weekends all the way back to the 1960's. And the way I felt then and the way I feel I feel now has not changed.  Hopefully my attention span has improved since childhood but probably not much.  But, even in my youth I sensed that the counsel from our Apostles was wise and inspired and I believed that there was safety in following their guidance.  Adherence to that belief has panned out well; their counsel has never led me astray yet.  
       Sometimes people say they don't know what their life would be like if they had not embraced the gospel; that perhaps they'd be a total mess.  I used to conclude that I would still be a decent person, that I'd still have goals and purpose in my life because it feels like my nature gravitates toward light and goodness.  However, I'm realizing that my personality has been so impacted by always having the gospel in my life, that maybe I would be directionless without it.  It's really impossible to know.
       I'm grateful our church leaders are men we can be proud of.  I know emulating them has always worked to my advantage.  And it's nice to have examples of people we know we can put our trust in!