Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Tender Mercies...

       Even though I wrote about testimony yesterday, I'm doing it again today.  Mostly because, like Breanna, I wanted to share one from another person we dearly love.  It's a little more emotional to write about.  In fact, I don't think there were many dry eyes when Maria shared her thoughts at church.
       Maria and Jeremy's baby son, Graham, is scheduled to arrive via C-section birth on October 10th.  It will be a very high risk delivery because Graham has a rare congenital heart defect where his left ventricle is severely underdeveloped.  The condition will likely require a series of difficult surgeries, possibly a full heart transplant.  
       So, instead of the usual excitement during a first pregnancy, poor Jeremy and Maria have bravely tried to process the complete unknown.  How do you possibly prepare yourself for the reality your son might not survive?  And, if Graham makes it, he's got a tough road ahead.  It's more than anyone should have to face and they've both been stellar and strong.   
       As their friends, all of our hearts go out to them but we feel hopeless to know the right way to express our hopes for the very best outcome.  There simply aren't any words.  
       Fortunately, Maria had an experience in the temple that gave her comfort that Heavenly Father is mindful of them and aware of their situation.  While performing sealings there was just one instance when parents were sealed to a son and despite rotating with others, this ordinance fell on Maria and Jeremy.  It was a small coincidence but exactly what Maria needed.  A tender mercy.
       When we need peace during troubled times there is probably no better place to find it than in the temple.