Saturday, October 22, 2011

11th out of 16,444!

"Racing teaches us to challenge ourselves. It teaches us to push beyond where we thought we could go. It helps us to find out what we are made of. This is what we do. This is what it’s all about.” -Patti Sue Plummer

We found out what Paige is made of at her half marathon performance at Nike. Speed!

Paige looks pretty happy running along the Nike course but she was even more delighted when the race results were posted! She ended up taking 2nd place in her age group; to be clear that is 2nd out of 3064 runners.

And, even more incredible, Paige was 11th overall! That’s 11th out of 16,444 runners racing the half marathon.

Paige’s PR (personal record) time for a half marathon is now 1:29.35. And, Nike is not an easy or flat course so she was hustling up those hills! But not so fast she couldn’t smile for the camera! Congrats to Paigey pants!