Sunday, October 2, 2011

influenced by others...

“We are like chameleons, we take our hue and the color of our moral character, from those who are around us.” -John Locke, English philosopher

I’ll admit it, I’m vulnerable to being influenced by others.

Fortunately I feel surrounded in my life by good influences! Whew! In addition to the influence of friends and acquaintances, I love to soak up advice from our church leadership twice a year during General Conferences sessions.

Watching General Conference is a little like going to a nice buffet meal where I wish I could enjoy the food over a longer period of time instead of everything all at once. Hearing the apostles testify within a weekend is a rich experience, so much so, that it usually takes the full six months between sessions to digest and process all their talks.

Yesterday I was able to watch both sessions almost live. Even with taking notes, I’d be hard pressed to delineate who spoke on which topic, but I can definitely remember feeling the spirit during the talks.

I’ve felt good men and women speak truth on numerous occasions and I’m grateful that truth inspires me. If we are going to develop our moral character from people around us, it certainly behooves me to steer clear of negative influences and seek out the best. And, it doesn’t get much better than our prophet, President Monson, and his apostles. What a great opportunity we have to listen and learn such remarkable leaders! And more to come today...

“Some wisdom you must learn from one who’s wise.” -Euripides