Monday, October 10, 2011

Testimony Bingo...

I have to confess. Yesterday during our Fast and Testimony Meeting I tested the Testimony Bingo App that my friend, Ann Williams, had showed me in New York.

For just 99 cents I downloaded a bingo game on my phone that randomly places phrases on the bingo card like:
-Priesthood Restoration
-Mission Story
-Thomas Monson is a prophet
-I love my family
-For those of you who don’t know me...

Then, when someone shared their testimony at church, I would check off my scorecard over any of the those phrases that were pronounced. And, yes I did score Bingo. Twice!

It was probably a little disrespectful. But I will say that I had to pay very close attention to all the the testimonies that were shared. So, it may not be very kosher to play Testimony Bingo during Sacrament meeting, but it was rather entertaining. And, it did make me stop and think about what constitutes an appropriate testimony and what things are simply need-to-share-commentaries or friend-a-monies, etc..

While our ward always has a few people who get off track with the intention of the meeting, overall our ward members are pretty good about trying to stick to bearing a true testimony. I rarely attend church in Los Gatos Ward where I don’t feel a good spirit in the meeting; even on days like yesterday when I’m misbehaving and playing bingo!