Sunday, October 23, 2011

The Grass is Always Greener...

The Grass is Always Greener! Or, The Hair is Always Thicker!

We’ve had a little “the grass is always greener” situation here on the home front and to make sure we don’t miss out on the lesson, I’ll recap the story, with permission from the main character. The title of the story is “Hair Extensions Gone Awry!”

Andie’s hair has never been thick and it’s never gotten particularly long. But when Andie toyed with the idea of hair extensions I thought it sounded ridiculous. But who listens to me?

Seriously, though, Andie’s a beautiful girl and I think the whole concept of expensive hair extensions is lame. My apologies if you’re reading this and you have hair extensions. I’m sure yours are lovely.

But, my logic didn’t sway Andie and I guess my vote didn’t carry as much weight as the stylist. So, on went the hair extensions and the result was not what Andie had expected. Although you couldn’t argue with the fact that her hair was suddenly long (very long) and she suddenly had lots of it. But it looked more like a wig for a Halloween costume than anything natural. Oops!

Suddenly the only thing Andie wanted, desperately more than anything else, was her own head of hair back. And, after one trip to the salon to see if cutting the extensions shorter would redeem the look, she was convinced that the hair extensions had to go. Which was no small feat to remove them either. After Brent and I tried unsuccessfully (cosmetologists we aren’t), Andie had to have them professionally removed.

So, it was quite a fiasco and an expensive way to learn that sometimes when the grass/hair looks greener/fuller on the other side, it just wouldn’t really look good on us.

Andie has a newfound appreciation of her own hair now. And, I doubt she’ll have any desire to try hair extensions ever again!

So, the moral of the story (besides not getting hair extensions) is to be happy with who you are! Be yourself! And, of course, ...always listen to your mother!