Thursday, October 20, 2011

5 Star Houseguests!

5 Stars! A 5 star hotel experience tries to insure the visitor's stay is remarkable in every way. Which got me hotels ever rank their guests?

While I certainly don’t run a 5 star bed & breakfast, last week I entertained five 5 star visitors. From Thursday through Sunday, Linda Dunn brought her mother/daughter entourage to the Bar Area and we loved connecting with them. Linda has them well trained; they are the epitome of 5 star houseguests.

In the photo Linda's holding her 6 week-old granddaughter, Madison, with Emi on the far left. To Linda’s right are her two darling daughter in-laws, Whitney and Mindy.

The Dunns are incredibly appreciative company! If you give them toast, they’ll rave about the wonderful breakfast. If you inflate an aero bed, they act like they’re sleeping in the lap of luxury. They wander the house calling it an art gallery, then cruise through town acting like Los Gatos is the coolest place ever.

Linda has always been effusive in her praise and now she’s got Emi, Whit, and Mindy lavishing compliments too. I thought keeping them around longer might be great for my self esteem. Or perhaps my ego would get too big their reviews are so rave!

But company that is grateful is definitely much more fun to have around. We’d love to have the Dunn crew come every year!