Thursday, July 7, 2011

The Adventure Begins...

I’m off to the Utah Mountains for a hiking/biking girlfriend weekend. When Linda Dunn takes charge of our girls adventures, they are not for the faint of heart! Linda takes her sports and fitness seriously so it could be a grueling couple of days ahead. What were we thinking letting an ironman triathlete make the plans?

The emailed schedule, which keeps getting tweaked, could be daunting. I’m nervous that I’ll be the “weak link” in our group of five. This is one fit crew I’m traveling with. I know, you are probably wondering how I made the cut.

Our schedule says we are biking the Wasatch Crest Trail from Brighton to Millcreek tomorrow (see map). Make note of "Puke Hill,” purportedly a 2 mile stretch of unrelenting hills that climbs to an elevation of over 9000 feet. Gotta love that Utah altitude! If anyone loses their lunch along the Puke Hill stretch, I’d place a bet it will be the wimp from Nor Cal (aka K2)!

But despite my challenges athletically, how lucky I am to have friends who push me physically but more importantly, always stretch me to be better in other ways too. What a blessing it has been to have wonderful friends that go back to my childhood days!

“My friends are my estate.” -Emily Dickinson