Thursday, July 14, 2011

Staging Our Own Parade...

Los Gatos doesn’t officially host a parade on the 4th of July. However, this year we provided some entertainment for the locals while attempting to transport the Harmer’s fancy balloon arch from the church to our home.

Aiden Bryan, our passenger, thought we were half crazy and Becca Peterson was so amused she took this photo, sending it to me with the text: “my favorite part of the day. :)” But even Aiden and Becca would have to agree that the arch made a lovely decoration for Andie’s birthday/swim party.

Obviously the arch wouldn’t fit inside the car but Brent assumed if I drove slow enough that he and Aiden could each hold one end and keep the arch intact. A few naysayers wondered if the arch was too high to clear traffic lights and Aiden seemed a little nervous he might get electrocuted if the balloons touched a PG&E pole (poor guy was probably regretting not riding his bike home).

But, slowly (excruciatingly slowly) we made it safely home and the arch looked awesome for the rest of the day. The laborious transfer was worth the effort. Although I don’t recommend trying this at home (or again, or for more than a block, or without at least 3 adults).

I thought I should post Becca’s picture because for someone who doesn’t like to draw attention to myself, I certainly had plenty of heads turning to look at us the entire drive! But, I will say that after a few blocks, I relaxed, Aiden got into the spirit of the craziness, and we may have even attempted a few garish waves along our self-staged parade route!