Monday, July 4, 2011

Showing Her Independence!

Andie is our 4th of July Birthday Girl! This year July brought a host of changes for the birthday girl. Namely a new place to live and a new livelihood. Both acquired independently of any help from parents!

First, the move. Andie’s old but charming diggs in Palo Alto were rented to a couple taking over the whole house, hence Andie had to find a new place. Fortunately some cute girls in her Stanford Ward were looking for a roommate replacement. Best of all, they live right in downtown Menlo Park. Lucky Andie, now she can walk to Kepler’s Bookstore (one of my favorites)!

In an amazing first, Andie moved all her stuff without recruiting us for slave labor. What a nice surprise! We showed up ready to pack and load and the work had been done! Even her bed, mattress, and furniture. Go Andie!

Next, the new job. Teaching at Sunnyvale Middle School was an improvement over last year’s East San Jose school but it still didn’t quite fit the bill for Andie’s expertise. Then Andie learned about a private school devoted entirely to autism and special education that sounded perfect. She interviewed and was offered positions at both school locations (Palo Alto and San Jose). Needless to say, the Palo Alto school feels like the best of all worlds. And best of all, her salary increases too! Good job landing a better job Andie!

So, in Dick and Jane style:
See Andie.
See Andie move.
See Andie get a new job.
Good work Andie.
Andie is happy.
Happy happy Andie.
Happy Birthday Andie!