Friday, July 15, 2011

Library Loot...

“Medicine for the soul.” -inscription over the door of the Library at Thebes

While the quote above is true, trips to the library can also be hazardous to my health! It seems I always return home with an eclectic assortment of new books to devour. And while I haven’t actually eaten any yet, I do get sidetracked by a stack of good reads which can wreak havoc on exercise or getting off my duff. Basically with an armload of books all I want to do is read 24/7.

The greatest part of checking out versus purchasing books is the ability to load up a bundle and then peruse which ones are worthy of a skim, which are a waste of my time, and which books are so great I want to own them personally.

This week my library book pile includes: a book about the brain, a book about relationships, a book about world religions, a fitness book, two works of fiction, and last, but not least, the autobiography “Open” by Andre Agassi (which was the reason I stopped by the library in the first place). Yes, just like the grocery store, you may enter for that one thing but exit with unplanned but irresistible loot.

So far, I like all the books I checked out this week. Which means I need to discipline myself to specific book time lest I crawl up in a corner chair refusing to do anything else but read. So many books, so little time! Well, I suppose I do have 3 weeks until their due date, but who wants to wait that long!

“He fed his spirit with the bread of books.” -Edwin Markham