Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The 4 year old brunette...

Andie is appalled that Emily didn’t get a blog post on August 16th for her 4th birthday. Since Andie, as one of my only readers, has threatened to revolt, or quit reading, I’ve got to rectify the situation.

Hence, a shout out to Emily Alice Bryan, the adorable birthday girl, blowing out the fancy candles of her five tiered cupcake cake! Technically, Emily was blowing out the regular candles; the fancy ones were candy sticks with frosting flames in Jennifer’s creative cake masterpiece.

Also, according to Jennifer, Emily was a bit perplexed when she looked in the mirror on her 4th birthday. For some unknown reason, Emily had it in her head that when she turned four she would have blonde hair. Which is not likely to happen at 4 or 40 for Emily (without profession coloring anyway).

The only explanation Jennifer can surmise from Emily’s 4-year-old-equals-blonde-hair logic is that many of the 4 year old little girls Emily knows (Avayna, Sabrina, Laney) are blonde.

If everyone Emily knows that is four is blonde then it stands to reason that she might ascertain that all 4 year olds are blonde. Isn’t this how society unfairly stereotypes (ie. one surly cop makes all policeman mean)?

Well, even if Emily spends every waking hour in the sun she is not likely to go blonde, so I hope she won’t be too disappointed to be a darling 4 year old brunette.

And hopefully this cute photo will put me back in Andie’s good graces for slighting Emily on her birthday. However, Andie should know that even though Emily is really bright and knows that her birthday is August 16th, she doesn’t actually know when August 16th falls on the calendar. So, her birthday gathering/kid swim get-together was actually on August 19th and Emily was none the wiser. The 16th came and went without her parents mentioning the B word (birthday) once.

So, I’m not the only remiss adult! And when Andie has a 4 year old daughter (who might wonder why her blonde hair isn’t changing to brunette) and Andie delays her daughter’s celebration and maybe Andie is too swamped to blog, only then will Andie have new empathy for Jennnifer and I! However, I am glad that Andie is always looking out for the underdog (or in this case, for Emily!).