Tuesday, August 2, 2011

If the shoe fits..

In a very strange chain of events I lost one of my shoes at the hoedown over the weekend.

It doesn’t quite look like Cinderella’s lovely slipper but I’m still hoping to find it. One brown desert boot doesn’t really do anyone much good so hopefully it will end up in the lost & found at the Triple E Ranch.

Brent is admittedly responsible for the missing shoe (it’s a long story!) and has graciously offered to buy me a new pair, except I don’t need a “pair,” since I’m in possession of the shoe for my left foot.

Besides, I only wear these shoes a couple times a year, maybe less if I don’t get invited to any western gigs. I’ve owned them so long they’re like a vintage model and who wants a 2011 version of the classic old desert boot anyway? I prefer my old ones!

The solo shoe in my closet reminds me of the solo earring collection I held onto for years. One compartment in my jewelry box had all the earrings that had lost their mates. I kept them, just in case the missing half to each set ever pitched up. Time passed, and with no success stories the half pair earring collection was finally purged. Let’s hope my shoe has better luck!