Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Kid Swim...

Yesterday was the last official Kid Swim for the summer at the Knudsen Pool! The photo is from an earlier date; yesterday the pool was practically maxed out and I was too busy with crowd control to get any pictures.

Kid Swim has been a fun way to get to know more of the new moms and kids that we’ve been blessed to have move into the Los Gatos Ward.

I'm really impressed with the parenting of many of the young moms. They’re good at making sure their kids use good manners. I always notice things like that. And I’m always impressed when kids are polite and appreciative!

Near the end of Kid Swim a mom arrived with one year old twins and I had promised to help her if she came. That was quite an experience! It makes me wonder how mothers of twins get anything done! I was too exhausted to cook dinner afterwards; luckily we still had leftovers from the company party.

The Kid Swimmers and Moms gave me a cute autographed beach ball as an end of the season thank you. A thoughtful gesture and I was touched.

Our neighbors have even been tolerant of the weekly noise! Although happy noise shouldn’t be too bothersome. All things considered, it’s been a fun activity and certainly one I think I’m game to host again next summer. I’m usually dead tired at the end of kid swim but I also forget about that by the next day (one plus to memory loss!).