Sunday, August 28, 2011

Fast Sundays, Slow Sundays

Poor Bishop Walton steps into a weekly tradition with the Primary kids that he may curse the day Bishop Knudsen began it. And, it’s a tradition that Mark certainly doesn’t need to continue. It may be too cumbersome, not to mention a bit unruly.

But I have to admit that I was somewhat an accomplice to Brent’s weekly practice (as the candy and toy supplier). Basically the Primary kids drop by the Bishop’s office at the end of church, in theory to quote an Article of Faith in exchange for a candy.

In practice, there are times that the chaos level is so high that the Article of Faith discussion takes a back seat to the treat selection. But, the Primary kiddos do love to visit the Bishop’s office and forming a positive relationship with their bishop, even and especially at a young age, seems like a win-win.

Recently Brad Parker told Brent the story of his daughter, Laney, inquiring whether a given Sunday was a Fast Sunday or a Slow Sunday. Apparently Laney had figured out that Bishop Knudsen gave out little toys (think Affordable Treasures gadgets) instead of candy when it was Fast Sunday. Therefore, by logic, since candy was handed out on other Sundays, Laney assumed those must be Slow Sundays. So, now when the Parkers’s arrive at church, Laney wants to know whether it’s a Fast Sunday or a Slow Sunday.

So, Laney is just one reason (others would include the rest of the Sunbeams, Stars, Valiants, etc.) that Brent enjoyed this funny tradition of Primary visitors dropping by his office, even if they got a little rambunctious. In fact, it may be one of the things Brent will miss the most today, his first Sunday since being released. Like the rest of us lay members, Brent won’t have any office space at church. But, like Laney Parker, he can always drop by Bishop Walton’s office and recite an Article of Faith! :)