Saturday, August 20, 2011

The SWAN Philosophy....

In a Wall Street Journal article this week a financial advisor talked about money management using the SWAN principle.

He used the acronym SWAN to stand for “Sleeps Well At Night” investing. He proposes helping his clients make sure their financial risks are cautious enough so there is always a cushion. This way his clients can sleep without worries of losing everything.

As I read about this SWAN method of investing, I decided that the SWAN approach works relative to living the gospel.

While some people think commandments restrict them, I’ve always found the exact opposite to be true. By keeping the commandments I’m definitely more likely to Sleep Well At Night. I never lose sleep over addictions, fear of arrest, torment of sin, or guilt over behavior. In fact, the more I try to live the gospel, the more content I am generally which contributes to inner peace and a good night’s rest.

While it behooves investors to consider a SWAN approach to their portfolios, I’m also confident that living the gospel is another tactic that helps me Sleep Well At Night!