Sunday, August 21, 2011

It Takes A Ward...

Brent used the African proverb: “It Takes A Village To Raise A Child” in his remarks at the Court of Honor Friday night. Our 4 new Eagle Scouts (Aaron, Alex, Blake, and Michael) have clearly been shepherded by great families and lots of wonderful leaders.

Today during Sacrament meeting the Los Gatos Ward Bishopric is being reorganized so Brent will be released in a few hours.

I think I could revise the well known proverb just a tad to say: “It takes a Ward to Raise a Bishop!”

Bishops need practice and getting into a groove and the Los Gatos Ward has been a great place for Brent to learn and grow into the calling. This ward has “raised" a stellar bishop and the bishop has been fortunate to have members who are good examples, members who are patient, and members who go above and beyond their callings.

People in our ward have been incredibly accommodating of Brent’s enthusiasm. Since he oozes with energy he can get some grandiose ideas rolling and the ward leaders are generally willing to “go and do” and follow up on myriads of assignments.

I really do appreciate and love the members of the Los Gatos Ward. They’ve blessed our lives in untold ways. Yep, it takes a loving ward to raise a exemplary bishop!