Thursday, August 6, 2009

"The Case of the Missing Car Key!" & "What to Do If You Get Lost in the Woods!"

Paige, her friend Jill, and 3 boys went on an Adventure Trail Run in the backwoods of the Santa Cruz Mountains. After a LONG Run they return to Paige's car and discover her KEY has fallen out of her pocket during the run! So I receive a phone call from Paige's phone but it's Jill on the line who tells me about the Missing Key. I tell Jill not to worry; I'll get the spare and start the Trek towards Felton.

When I'm almost there I get another call from Paige's cell; again it's Jill, who seems a little nervous to tell me there is ONE OTHER LITTLE PROBLEM besides the lost key: they can't find Paige! Which I find a bit more concerning than the dumb key! Perspective! The lost key; who cares about that? Where is Paige?!

Apparently, they went off in different directions to look for the key but Paige never returned and it had been quite awhile. Since the top is off Paige's car, Jill was able to climb in the back without a key and retrieve Paige's cell and phone me (smart girl that she is!) and didn't alarm me at first hoping Paige would show up before I arrived with the spare key. When I was got close and Paige was STILL lost, Jill had to mention this Minor Detail but she handled it with diplomacy (even though I could tell she was worried). Long-story-short: Paige eventually makes it back before anyone had to call the Search & Rescue but she is pretty shaken up! Kudos to Jill for thinking clearly, calling me, and being a good friend!

So, I think it's appropriate to give a Few Tips that I learned about CHILD SURVIVAL if you get lost in the woods. I think most Adults will feel like a kid if they get lost so the advice below is probably universal: 1. Nobody likes being scared or frightened. 2. Help yourself keep calm by singing, whistling, or even telling yourself jokes or stories. Try using your imagination to pretend you are somewhere else that you really enjoy. 3. You usually do not have to worry about wild animals. They do not like to be near people and if they hear or smell you, they will usually run away. ....Well, the list goes on and reminds kids that they won't be in trouble for getting lost; their parents will be happy to see them and there are Friendly Strangers (police officers, fire fighters etc.) who will help them.

So, Take Heed and Happy (and Safe) Trails to All!