Saturday, August 29, 2009

Leaving On A Jet Plane! I Know When I'll Be Back Again!

"Parents! Can't Live With 'Em, Can't Live Without 'Em." -this quote is dedicated to frustrated offspring everywhere

So, Paige finally gets rid of me today! But not for long! Looks like BYU Parents Weekend is just a month away! And if you ever wondered "Whose Parents Actually Go To Parent's Weekend?" Well, that would be US!

We're your typical Helicopter Parents trying hard to be a little less intrusive in our Adult Children's Lives! They just have to learn a little patience; it's a PROCESS! I mean, you can't go from fixing their oatmeal and cutting their toenails, to letting them THINK they can actually carry on just fine without you? Can you?

My parents weren't the hovering type but I WAS Fiercely Independent so I do remember wanting to figure it out All-On-My-Own-Thank-You-Very-Much! Unless, of course, I WANTED help! Then, help couldn't come fast enough! I still remember a day when my car broke down at the intersection by the U campus that EVERYONE drove by. I was so upset and so embarrassed. I called my Dad at his office ranting as if the car problems were all HIS fault (simply because he was the car owner). I'm sure I was demanding and insolent while my Dad calmly solved the problem and rescued me!

I definitely remember feeling SORT OF grown up; at least wanting the rights and privileges of adulthood EXCEPT that darn "responsibilities" part! That sounded a little OMINOUS!

Our kids are still in the throes of this stage of interdependence and so far our family is surviving it (rustling a few feathers sometimes - but how could you not?) After a little rocky terrain, it seems like most families get it figured out so everyone is happy! For now, I think Paige was quite happy to have a little parental help getting her new digs all set up (and we both think it is looking pretty fine!)