Saturday, August 15, 2009

"The Leprechaun Trap!" or "Wisdom from a 5 Year Old!"

"The Journey is the Reward" -Chinese Proverb & Apple Founder Steve Jobs

Yesterday Ashley Barth gave me a excruciatingly detailed description of a "Leprechaun Trap" she made this year. I personally have never made a Leprechaun Trap but according to Ashley it involves one box (cardboard or wood, she said either works fine), LOTS of TAPE, LOTS of GLUE and then, even more TAPE!

Then Ashley and I had the following exchange:
Me (mildly curious about the trap): "So, how did the Leprechaun Trap work out?"
Ashley (very animated): "Oh, it worked GREAT!"
Me (a little surprised/skeptical): "Really? That's cool. Did you catch a Leprechaun?"
Ashley (still enthusiastic!): "Oh, No. But it worked great!"

Now, as an "enlightened" ADULT if I made a Leprechaun Trap that didn't CATCH ANYTHING; I'd consider the project a flop! But Ashley gave Rave Reviews on the Trap! To her, it wasn't just about "catching" Leprechauns; the "Process," making that trap - THAT was where the ADVENTURE was for Ashley! And, that part, (and I quote): "Worked Great!"

How often I miss this point entirely! I'm so Focused on the END RESULT that I don't stop to enjoy and acknowledge the JOY in the journey!

Fortunately, sometimes Children "Get It" more than Adults! So, we are especially "LUCKY" if we have five year olds in our lives who remind us how thrilling it can be to make a Leprechaun Trap whether it catches Leprechauns or not!