Thursday, August 13, 2009

Johnny Lingo's 8 Cow Wife! Brent Knudsen's 8 Car Wife!

There is an old church video about a clever Polynesian man, Johnny Lingo, offering 8 Cows for a Wife that everyone speculated was worth only 1 Cow at best. Suddenly her status in the community skyrocketed! No woman was considered an 8 cow wife! Women went from ridiculing her to worshipping her!

In an unrelated theme (except the play on #8); it dawned on me that I am an 8 CAR WIFE! Yikes! How did this happen?

Roughly 10 plus years ago we were a Happy 2 Car Family; a Discovery for Mom, a Mercedes for Dad. Then the Little People started to turn 16. Next thing you knew Andie took over the Discovery and the Car Additions (and a few Depletions along the way) began! "Depletions" is my loose definition for cars that little (or big) people crashed and burned, totaled, etc. Paige might be exempt from having that misfortune befall her (and this is where Andie would say: "But, then, we all know that Paige is Perfect!")

So, now we have 5 drivers and 8 cars! But Technically I HAVE 8 CARS because the TITLE to every car is in MY NAME. It appears that I became the DMV paperwork-by-default-person! Can you imagine what my Carbon Footprint must look like with 8 Car Titles! I'm probably on the Hit List of an extreme "Save the Planet" organization! (in my defense, one car is a hybrid!)

I am Not-the-Proud-Owner but Very-Embarrassed-Owner of 2 Volvos, 1 Jetta, 1 Jeep Cherokee, 1 Freelander, 1 Toyota Prius, 1 Defender (the only car we can claim has maintained it's value) and last but not least, 1 Aston Martin! It's quite a collection for someone like me who isn't really THAT into cars! Fortunately I'm pawning off a few vehicles: Andie & Webb have pretty much either paid off or earned ownership (just need to transfer titles) and Brent's business might buy the Prius as a Company Car (well, so much for defending myself with 1 hybrid). Very Soon I could be a 5 Car Wife, which is a marginal improvement but doesn't quite have the same ring to it as an 8 Car Wife!