Sunday, August 30, 2009

"Wanted: A Wife!" or "Available for Adoption!"

"Everyone needs a wife. I mean that 1950s kind of wife that bakes and cleans and takes care of ALL THAT STUFF." -stated by a female author on a radio talk show

I can't decide whether I want to BE just like Gladys or HAVE a Gladys (as in Gladys could adopt me). Gladys Goertzen is Julie Holland's Very Amazing Mom! But I think it might just be a ruse. I think Gladys might really be MARY POPPINS (disguised as a suburban southern California grandmother).

Whenever Gladys visits the Hollands; she works non-stop and according to Julie, she likes to be busy! She helps Julie with the laundry, the housecleaning, the cooking, the carpool driving. She's a 24/7 Girl Friday! When the Hollands returned home from their European vacation last week, Gladys arrived a day early with baked goodies, did some grocery shopping and prepared a warm dinner for their arrival! When Gladys is in town it's almost like Julie has a wife!

The author who stated that EVERYONE needs a wife was not referring just to men. Her point was that we could all use "that someone who helps us keep our life running smoothly." With all the details in anyones day-to-day existence there are so many "details" (appointments to be scheduled, shopping to be done, maintenance of things we've bought, planning ahead, decisions, and minutiae galore). Quite honestly, we could all use a Gladys kind of person in our lives; she is low key but is there on the ready and willing to hunker down and work hard! Yes, Julie and the Hollands have a very good thing going!