Thursday, August 27, 2009

Road Trip

"On the road again,
Just can't wait to get on the road again."
-Willie Nelson

This trip to Utah isn't a solo drive like my last voyage. This time it's a bona fide ROAD TRIP! Meaning, there are fun people along for the ride, multiple drivers, excitement galore! Well, okay, the Bay Area to Utah journey is hard to call "exciting" BUT we'll make sure it is an ADVENTURE!

The trick to driving long distance is an ipod filled with good music, audio books, and podcasts. Listening to good stuff makes the hours fly by!

Leaving early is another trick but I had to compromise on the hour of departure. When I said "5 am," Paige recanted with "6 am," so I guess I should have lobbied for "4 am." Next time I'll be a more clever negotiator!

Those are the 2 tricks I have up my sleeve! One puzzle I'm still trying to solve is the dilemma of needing Diet Coke to stay alert but the Diet Coke increases the frequency of bathroom stops! Go figure?! I heard a rumor that Uncle Bruce just pees in a cup (or maybe he just forces that on his passengers; Webb's done it at least once riding to Sun Valley with the Olsens!). And I once read about a demented woman who drove long distance wearing a diaper! If that seems a little extreme I should add that she was headed to kidnap her ex-boyfriend's new flame. So the erratic behavior was just part of the package! How do you spell C-R-A-Z-Y?

So, for this drive, we'll depart at 6 am with our well stocked ipods, and no diapers so we'll be judicious about stopping for Big Gulps! Onward! Hit the Road, Jack! And Rachael, Paige, Gladys and Kathryn - Quite a Crew!

1 comment:

  1. didn't know you guys were caravan-ing, fun!
    oh my goodness, mother, even the mention of diapers is a little crazy. Though I agree. it's quite the catch 22, I need the caffiene (read: Diet Coke) to stay alert/happy and yet, then I'm needing to stop every other hour....or more.
    you seem to be making excellent time. you definitely beat traffic when you leave as early as possible. Mother always knows best I suppose :)